K2 Eco Boutique

These extraordinary resort are located in the city lifestyle district of MATARAM - LOMBOK. Built with materials from sustainable sources, they tread lightly on the earth by applying construction techniques that are adapted to preserve the integrity of the environment and local communities that surround them.


K2 Commitment

The K2 brand is synonymous with a unique style – authentic, personal and sustainable, and in harmony with individual surroundings. They adapt seamlessly to host cultures in an environment that evokes wellbeing, supported by outstanding warm and personalize service. It is our policy :

  • To continuously improve our “Green”, clean and comfort Environments.
  • To always provide a warm and personalize service quality.
  • To interact with the local community and showing sensitivity towards the surrounding environment.
  • To show and demonstrate high appreciation to the local culture.
  • To continuously concerned with the overall long-term impact of tourism on the island and it is our intent to promote sustainable practices to all of our hotel guests.

This Management Policies are periodically reviewed to ensure its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.